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Our Work

The work of Watts Powerhouse Church is done more than just in the four walls of the church. With an Acts 1:8 vision and culture, we believe strongly that God has given us a call to work with and care for many in the Watts area and beyond.  With a  passion to reach as many as possible the ministry of Watts also incorporates a mission called Envision LA, a new Non profit called Watts Strong to help the community, and  ministry called One Table Fellwoship.  There is many ways to serve across the vast opportunities within the Watts Powerhouse Network.    



watts Powerhouse Ministries

Watts Powerhouse Ministries is the mother ship and back bone to the ministry network. 


Envision LA

Envision LA is a relevant designed to create space for anyone and everyone across the country to come and serve the beautiful community of Watts. With a unique perspective on Inner city work and years of experience in serving Los Angeles Envision LA is the best place for your church our orginization to come along side the Powerhouse team to serve in Los Angeles.  



Watts Strong

Watts strong is a non profit designed to meet the practical needs of Watts. things like medical clinics and eduction for the community.  Watts Powerhouse partners with watts strong to help bring needed services to the community.  


One table

The One Table Family Fellowship is a bi-monthly gathering of diverse churches from Orange County and Los Angeles for the purpose of Breaking down barriers, Becoming One in Christ, and Building up the Kingdom of God.  Each gathering includes Worship, Testimonies, Diverse Small Groups, and a delicious Family Meal.  

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